Tuesday, July 14, 2015

City of Johannesburg Customer Service Number South Africa : City of Johannesburg South Africa

City of Johannesburg Customer Service Number South Africa

CALL: 0860 562 874
Address: 158 Civic Boulevard Braamfontein
The City of Johannesburg is a metropolitan municipality that manages the local governance of Johannesburg, South Africa. It is divided into several branches and departments in order to expedite services for the city.
The City of Johannesburg developed a growth and development strategy to take us into 2040. It is a strategy that not only provides a vision of the future, but importantly, defines clear outcomes against which to measure progress. We all want to live in a great city – a city that inspires everyone to achieve more than is immediately possible. These aspirations are expressed in the vision developed from the outreach process – a vision the City chooses to adopt for the path ahead:
“Johannesburg – a World Class African City of the Future – a vibrant, equitable African city, strengthened through its diversity; a city that provides real quality of life; a city that provides sustainability  for all its citizens; a resilient and adaptive society.”

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