Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Department of Labour Customer Service Number South Africa : Department of Labour South Africa

 Department of Labour Customer Service Number South Africa

Contact centre

CALL: 086 0022 198
Address : Laboria House 215, Francis Baard Street, PRETORIA

The Department of Labour Plan of Activities is:
  • Improved economic efficiency and productivity
  •  Employment creation
  •  Sound labour relations
  •  Eliminating inequality and discrimination in the workplace
  • Alleviating poverty in employment
The Department of Labour vision is to strive for a labour market which is conducive to investment, economic growth, employment creation and decent work. The mission is to regulate the South African labour market for a sustainable economy through:
  • Appropriate legislation and regulations
  • Inspection, compliance monitoring and enforcement
  • Protection of human rights
  • Provision of Employment Services
  • Promoting equity
  • Social and income protection
  • Social dialogue.

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