Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Neotel Customer Service Number South Africa : Neotel South Africa

Neotel Customer Service Number South Africa
  •  CALL : 0860 636 835
  •  Website:
  •  Address: 44 Old Pretoria Main Road, Midrand, Johannesburg
Neotel (Pty) Ltd., previously SNO Telecommunications, is the second national operator (SNO) for fixed line telecommunication services in South Africa. It was unveiled on 31 August 2006 in Kyalami in northern Johannesburg.
Neotel is the only telecommunications company that brings together voice, data and Internet over its own fixed infrastructure. Five under-sea cables coupled with an unparalleled network of optical fibre and wireless services put our customers in the fast lane. Whether you are a home user, small business owner or a large enterprise consumer you will enjoy fast, clear and reliable connectivity.

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  1. Possibly one gets fast, clear and reliable connectivity with the data & internet line but one certainly DOES NOT get the promised voice quality service. The line is totally unreliable, calls are lost if one is lucky enough to get through and the technicians don't bother to get back to a complaint and don't fix the complaint at all